The Team

Marquita Smith, Co Founder, Health & Fitness Coordinator and Personal TrainerMarquita Pic

Marquita will be leading the Fight, Lift and Circuit sessions. She’s trained trans clients in both one to one and group fitness sessions.

“I’ve been working with trans people in one-on-one and group sessions for some time now, supporting with a range of health and fitness goals. I’m excited to be able to use my experience and techniques to support Trans Can Sport.  This will be an excellent opportunity for individuals, who have felt intimidated or uncomfortable to ask for support in mainstream fitness establishments and I’m proud to be apart of it.

Rory Smith, Co Founder and Project Manager.

cfd6f312-f053-40eb-a2d4-a688d7f03d10Rory had been an active member of the Brighton trans community for many years and created the Trans Can Sport project to help the local community access fitness. Over the past year he’s got into shape with the help of Marquita.

“I used to feel unable to exercise because of real discomfort and fear surrounding use of the changing rooms and feeling intimidated by other gym users. I’m excited about this project as I know that in the 12 months I’ve been getting fit, my confidence, self esteem and wellbeing has improved markedly. I want to others to have this opportunity too”.

Rozy Kalliabestos, Trans Can Yoga Instructor

Rosy pic    Rozy is founder of her own company Injoy Yoga and is using her extensive education and experience for Trans Can Yoga.

“We need to be strong inside and out, then we can feel safe to yield and soften as needed. Learn to control your experience and you shift your reality. We do this through learning to master the physical body, through physical asana (yoga posture) practice, breath work, visualisation, meditation and relaxation. Through this, we access the emotional and psychological aspects of who we think we are, and consciously make the changes we decide are desired.”



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