The Team

Rory Finn –  Co Founder and Project Manager


What are your pronouns?  I don’t have a preferred pronoun. Most people use he, which is generally the most appropriate. But as long as respect is there, I don’t mind what you call me!

How do you identify? Genderqueer, male, transmasculine, Queer.

How do you keep active? At the moment, for lack of anything else, going for a run, using outdoor gym equipment where I can find it. Otherwise push ups, pull ups, squats, etc in my room.

What’s your biggest challenge about fitness and sports? Getting and staying motivated, especially when tired or after feeling unwell, and definitely when I’m feeling blue.

Why did you get involved with Trans Can Sport? Because I saw the benefits that coaching was having on me, after years of struggling to get into shape alone. On top of that, knowing the specific challenges of being trans and wanting to help others benefit from similar kinds of support.

Where will we find you? I’m currently travelling, but still actively supporting Trans Can Sport behind the scenes with funding applications and media.


Marquita Smith –  Co Founder, Health & Fitness Coordinator 

What are your pronouns? She/Herimg_0381.jpg

How do you identify? Cisgender, Female, Queer

How do you keep active? I enjoy variety in my training. I use boxing, resistance, body weight, interval training as part of my sessions. I also include a range of stretching and mobility techniques.

What’s your biggest challenge about fitness and sports? I sometimes need to have a word with myself to not give myself a hard time. I’m very patient with other people, but I don’t always afford myself the same courtesy. 

Why did you get involved with Trans Can Sport? I have friends and clients in the trans community. I was consistently hearing the same stories about their negative experiences and relationships with sports and fitness. I’ve been a fitness professional for 20 years and fitness has always been a positive part of my life. As an ally, I knew this is where I could support the most.

Where will we find you? Looking for future activities for Trans Can Sport, replying to your questions and bookings via email as well as instructing Trans Can Fight, Circuits and Lift.


Tigger Blaize –  Trans Can Sport Ambassador and Activity Facilitator 

web-tigger-blaize-michael-wharley-2015-3.jpegWhat are your pronouns?  I prefer He/Him

How do you identify? Nothing quite fits, but GenderQueer, Trans*-Masculine and Other are closest.

How do you keep active? Cycling, three 5km runs a week, walking, and with TCS I like Fight, Pilates, Circuits.

What’s your biggest challenge about fitness and sports? Feeling like I’ll “fail” or not achieve at something. I set high targets for myself! Also, my life is not routine so I occasionally struggle to find time to exercise.

Why did you get involved with Trans Can Sport? Exercise has always been really important to me, and been a regular part of my life. It helps me feel mentally healthy and keeps dysphoria to a minimum, as well as maintaining physical fitness, strength and flexibility. I was also keen to meet other Trans* people when I moved to Brighton.

Where will we find you? Visiting local groups as an ambassador, discussing what we do at Trans Can Sport and facilitating some of the activities we have planned throughout 2018.


Jacob Bayliss – Trans Can Awareness Trainer and Activity Facilitator

What are your pronouns?  He/Himjacob-e1516278382197.jpg

How do you identify? Trans man

How do you keep active? I love to run – half marathons and marathons are my favourite distances and I’ve dabbled in triathlon!

What’s your biggest challenge about fitness and sports? Mixing things up. I tend to injure myself by doing too much of once thing, so i try to swim and cycle on days i don’t run. I should do more strength and conditioning training but I find it hard to motivate myself!

Why did you get involved with Trans Can Sport? I hated sports at school and I never felt like being active was for someone like me. I felt that i couldn’t participate. Once i started running, it became a huge part of my life – it brings me joy and it’s an important mental health tool for me. I think it’s so important that trans people don’t feel shut out of sport, and Trans can Sport is an ideal way to share the love!

Where will we find you? I deliver sports specific trans awareness training to other coaches and instructors who you’ll meet through Trans Can Sport. I also coach Trans Can Run for beginners and improvers myself. 


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Dedicated to transforming the wellbeing of trans people through physical activity