15337469_1349848805027415_2708585124950210283_nTrans Can Circuits (New)

We will use interval training, mixing bodyweight exercises and light weights to improve cardiovascular fitness, burn fat and promote muscle tone. This session will also support people who want to exercise at home and not rely on equipment or gym setting.

Trans Can FightMarquita Pic Punch

You will learn Boxing and Kick Boxing Techniques in a variety of ways including pad work and shadow boxing.  This is not a contact session,so no sparring or one on one combat will take place. The sessions will include some circuit to support an increase in cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and promote fat burning, while releasing stress.


Trans Can LiftRory lift

These sessions combine resistance training with intervals. You will learn the correct technique for a range of resistance exercises using, barbells, kettle bells, dumbbells and medicine balls.


Trans Can Pilates (New)

Trans Can Pilates will start at the basic exercises and movements to improve strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance and posture. Ideal for those of you who have been told that you need to work on your core muscles or who have weak backs.

Trans Can Playtrans can play pic

Trans Can Play is looking to get a group together at a local park to socialise, kick around a football, throw a frizbee or bring idea’s of other games we can all play. All levels are welcome, whether you are a budding athlete or a complete novice when it comes to sport and fitness.


Trans Can Run (New)

Trans Can Run will be starting April 2017 and is aimed at non/novice runners. Sessions will take place outside and with the support of our instructor improve the fitness and skills of each individual, so that they will be able to run 5km.


Trans Can Yogayoga poses

Whether you are completely new to yoga or have been practising for some time, come and explore a nurturing way of connecting with your self, whilst cultivating trust, calm, focus,   strength and alignment.