Activity Schedule

In order to take part in any activity, you first need to have registered with Trans Can Sport and filled out a health question.

( This does not include Trans Swimming Brighton)


How do I book?

Trans Can Fight,  Trans Can Yoga & Trans Can Lift

Email one week before the session that you are interested in attending. E.g. if the session is on Monday 8th email Monday 1st. There is no charge for theses sessions, but if individuals are able to donate, we recommend £3 – £5 per session.

Trans Swimming Brighton

Drop in session. Booking is not required. Prices: £4.75/£2.85
Lockers: £1 (refundable)

Trans Can Social (Bowling)

Trans Can Sport have been invited to join BLAGSS at their annual Bowling Extravaganza. We are looking for a team of 8 people to take part. Trans Can Sport are partially subsidising this social. Participants price: £4

Please read our code of conduct  and frequently asked questions before booking.