Code of Conduct/Terms & Conditions

Trans Can Sport Code of Conduct:

Booking Policy:

Booking is mandatory for Trans Can Sport sessions. For our block bookings only one session can be booked at a time and a maximum of one week in advance. Workshops which require payment will open bookings earlier to ensure will get enough people to cover minimum numbers. See for details.

Individuals are responsible for booking their own sessions. We can not take bookings for friends, partners or groups. We have put this policy in place to lower the number of cancellations and no shows and to provide opportunities for as many individuals as possible to take advantage of our sessions. To book you must contact us via You will receive a confirmation email stating that you have been booked onto the session.

Waiting List:

If you find that a session you wish to attend is fully booked, you can request to be placed on the waiting list. There is up to 3 spaces on the waiting list. We will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible if a space becomes available. We request that if you are no longer wishing to attend a session that you let us know and we will remove you from the waiting list.

Cancellation Policy:

Trans Can Sport sessions have limited numbers. For block bookings we request that you give us at least 24 hours notice if you are not going to be able to attend a session that you have booked. This will give us ample time to contact a person from the waiting list.

If you cancel at the last minute (less than 6hrs notice) for more than one session in a block, you will only be allowed to book onto sessions via the waiting list. Hence you will need to wait until 24 hours before the session before booking on.

If you fail to show to more than one session per block you will no longer be allowed to book further Trans Can Sport sessions until the next quarter of activities.

If you continually choose not to adhere to this policy you may not be granted to access for any further Trans Can Sport activities.

If you would like to book or need to cancel a session, please contact Trans Can Sport via email or personal message at Facebook.

Health Questionnaire:

All Trans Can Sport participants are required to fill out an online health questionnaire. It is in your best interest to answer this health questionnaire truthfully and to give as much detail as possible. Your health questionnaire will be reviewed before you are registered for Trans Can Sport.

Please be aware that Trans Can Sport may request that you visit a doctor and/or retain a doctors note, before attending any of our sessions. This will confirm that any medical conditions that you have will not be compromised by physical activities.

Failure to provide a doctors note may prevent you from taking part in Trans Can Sport activities.

We need to have your completed health questionnaire or documentation 24 hours before you book onto any sessions.

Please contact us asap with any changes to your medical history so that we can update your information.

Drugs and Alcohol:

The use of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited before or during any Trans Can Sport sessions. An instructor can refuse access to the session if they believe that a participant if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Trans Can Sport facilitate events and collaborate with local fitness trainers and organisations. All activities are undertaken at you r own personal risk. In the event that an injury does occur, all our trainers affiliated with Trans Can Sport have their own personal liability insurance and any complaints should be taken up with them. Trans Can Sport cannot accept responsibility for your injury.

Donations and Payments:
Donations and payment to Trans Can Sport either by go fund me or bacs transfer can not be refunded. For workshops we will allow an individuals to transfer their payment to another activity or person, if we receive notification within 72 hours of the activity.

Equality and Diversity:

At Trans Can Sport we believe everyone has their own right to self identification. We acknowledge that there are many different ways to be trans and that we all experience gender in different ways. We won’t ask you to prove your gender identity to us and we won’t judge anyone on being ‘trans enough’. In return we expect the same from our participants. We want to create a safe and welcoming space for all. Sometimes we all make mistakes with things like pronouns. If you do, apologise, correct yourself and move on.

We recognise that some spaces can be unwelcoming for a variety of reasons. Please talk to us if there is anything we can do to make our sessions more accessible.

We won’t tolerate any discrimination or prejudice on grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age. Anyone who acts in a discriminatory way will be banned from our activities.

Please tell us if you experience any unwanted behaviour. Talk in confidence Marquita or Rory via or in person.


Dedicated to transforming the wellbeing of trans people through physical activity

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