Trans Swimming Now Weekly!


Great news! As of January 2018 Trans Swimming Brighton will be every Wednesday for a 3 month trial. Thanks to everyone who supported this fantastic resource and taking it from nearly being cancelled to now a weekly event! Follow on



Trans Can Fight

11751863_719905378153291_5327085719763768348_nWe will be kick starting the New Year with Trans Can Fight on January 8th. These sessions will take place over a 6 week period. This is not a contact session, so no sparring or one on one combat will take place. You will learn boxing and kick boxing techniques in a variety of ways including pad work and shadow boxing. The sessions at times will include some circuit training to support and increase cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and promote fat burning, while releasing stress. Email if you would like further information or to book this session.

Trans Can Social

Trans Can Sport is dedicated to transforming the wellbeing of Trans People through physical activity. However this January we are going to swap press-ups for pints at our first Trans Can Social. To celebrate our 1st birthday and launch our 2017 activities, we’ll be having a few drinks at the Marlborough Pub. It’ll be an informal occassion where you get the chance to say hello, chat with our team of instructors and get more information about what we do. Current participants as well as those interested to get involved in Trans Can Sport are welcome to join us. Friends and partners are also welcome.

We’ll be in the Theatre bar at the Marlbourgh, from 7pm on Wednesday 11 January.

Keep an eye out for Rory and Marquita in Trans Can Sports t-shirts if you have any questions.

Message us on the Trans Can Sport Facebook page or email us via if you have any questions regarding the evening.

Dedicated to transforming the wellbeing of trans people through physical activity